July 5, 2013 Day +3747 post transplant Day +3445 off therapy

I know, Shock of shocks, I am back within a reasonable time. Problem is, I don’t have much to say. I guess that is a pretty darn good problem to have! I remember thinking I would never get through the 100 days of isolation after his tranplant or he would never have the counts or imune system to do normal acrivities. Well, slowly those things started happening and here we are 3,000 plus days later and we do MANY normal activites.

June was about like May, busy! We started off with a week off of work. We went to the dentist where Taylor was the only one who escaped cavity free. We went to the BArons game at the historic Rickwood field. It was so hot that when I moved my hand from the pole I had been leaning on, I had paint on my hands!
Logan went to sibling camp at Camp SAM. He had a blast as usual. While he was gone Taylor had a fun weekend of only child bliss, lol. We went out to eat, grilled out and swam with friends and just played around. We picked up Logan on Sunday and came home to get T ready for his week stay at camp. He had an absolute blast!!! He dressed up as uncle Si for the dance and it was hilarious!
Logan played ball in Nashville, TN. the weekend that Taylor had to be picked up, so Guh picked him up and he spent the weekend with her. He had fun, but we were missing him.
As is the norm for this ball season, we were rained out, but crowned the champions. We ended up going by the Antique Archeology store from the show American Pickers. It was smaller than we imagined, but fun to see things we had seen them pick.
Once back at home and settled into a routine, Taylor has started his summer work outs for football. He does not drink enough and he ended up getting dehydrated and had a real rough patch. We went to the Dr and filled him with fluids and have stressed the importnace of water etc. Hopefully he will not do that again.

Logan has played ball in Nashville, Cullman, Calera, and Fultondale in June. July will be a little slower as we practice and gear up for Disney and the Elite 32.
Taylor will continue summer work outs until we go to Disney, when we return they will be having real practices in pads. I am not looking forward to it for many reasons, but it is what he wants to do.

Hopefully, I will be back with a more exciting update soon. However, I kind of like the boring ones!

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