May 21, 2013 Day +3702 post transplant Day +3400 off therapy

I guess I am way way behind again! Just another sign that life is great!

January was hard. My Pop passed away right after Christmas and we had his funeral in early January. I will miss that sweet, crazy man.
Taylor got braces on his teeth. He was so excited….for about 2 days. He has been very good about keeping them clean and not eating any of the foods listed as a no no.
LOgan played basketball this year. Its the first time that he has ventured away from baseball. He had a great time with it. He has a lot to learn, but he di pretty good. He says he will play it again, but baseball was his first choice.
Taylor turned 12! Wow, almost a teenager!! We had friends over for dinner and ice skating.
Taylor had his first episode of sleep walking! It was rather funny. I don’t think it was a true sleep walking episode. I think he was woken up when Jim and Logan came in from ball practice and thought it was time to get up because he came upstairs and went to the bathroom, got undressed and turned the shower on. That is his morning routine. It was pretty funny.
We had a snow day that led to us getting out of school early. Its the fist time we have had a day like this since both kids were not at the same school. I was a nervouls wreck when I beat Taylor’s bus home and I didn’t know where he was. He got home shortly after us safe and sound. The next day we were stuck until mid morning. Our house sits at the bottom of a huge hill and all the melted snow or rain drains down our driveway and it had refroze over night and we couldn’t get out.

February brought sinus infections and strep to our house. That isn’t so unusual for us, but it is a lot harder to make up work in middle school, so I hope we are nearing the end of these type illnesses.
I took a girlst trip to Mardi gras in Mobile. We had a great time!!

March started a very busy ball season for Logan and his team, Alabama Elite. We started in Biloxi, Ms.
The dryer died! Luckily, we know the best repairman in town and he fixed us right up!
We played more ball in Alabaster, Al. Atlanta, GA. and Huntsville, Al.
We went on a quick Orlando trip for spring break. I actually found Taylor’s tickets to Universal from his wish trip and they were still good! It wasn’t Disney, but it was still a fun trip.
We had a great Easter spent with family on a rainy day!!

Taylor celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his stem cell transplant!!!
I fell and sprained my ankle and nearly 2 months later I am still delaing with some pain and swelling. Boo!!!
We went to Florence, Al, Montgomery, Al and Columbiana, Al for baseball.
I missed a lot of work this month with my ankle. That stunk!!
Taylor had his physical for school….football! Yikes, I may need meds, but he is so excited!! He also had 2 weeks of spring training. He loved every minute and was proud of every bruise!

We have already been to Kingsport, Tn, Southhaven, Ms, and Auburn, Al for baseball. THe Alabama ELite 9u earned a berth to the Elite 32 world series in Disney World in August. Way to go boys!!
Taylor finished up 6th grade today. He has had A/B honor roll the past two 9 weeks. Way to go!!! He has had an overall good experience with the middle school.
Today Taylor had his yearly check up with Dr. Berkow. Everything looked great!! He will go back in June 2014. THe bad news was our Dr. B is moving! Yes, I cried! We will miss him very much!

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