August 2011

8/1/10 Day +2678 Day +2376 off treatement-8/7/10 Day +2684 Day +2382 off treatment

We spent the first week of August in Disney World!!! We celebrated several occasions while there. Jim’s birthday was the 4th. We got to have several special bday sing alongs, cakes etc. due to his special day. We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary there too. We got sang to and got to dance at the Hoopty Doo revue. We had the best time. We spent a lot of time in Epcot. The kids liked riding Soarin and Test track. They loved collecting the passport stamps and seeing there names written in different languages. The Japanese food was outstanding. Taylor ate his weight in rice:)

We got caught in the flood of the century with nothing at all to keep us dry. We waited it out for a long time then just ran. We were soaked to the bone, but having a blast. People were dancing in the rain, it was so fun. The fun kid of ended when we got to our dinner reservations wet and we were freezing! The kids went back to the hotel with Gam maw and Paw Paw and Jim and I took our wet selves back into the park for the late opening. It was fun since we had spent out honeymoon doing the same thing 11 yrs earlier!

It was hard to come back home, it always is, but it was really hard to come back knowing we were going back to school! THe summers are just so short now, only 10 weeks!

We got home in the wee hours of the morning and climbed into the bed. Jim and Logan woke up at about 9 and headed to Mississippi. Logan is playing travel ball now and he had a game! Poor baby was so tired. Taylor and I stayed home and slept and then unpacked.

8/11/10 Day +2688 Day +2386 off therapy

Today the boys started school. Taylor started 4th grade with Mrs. Moyer. He has several good friends in his class. He is a tad nervous about the routine, it is a lot more responsibility in 4th grade. He will do well!

Logan started 1st grade with Mrs. Lee. He is so excited! He loves Mrs. Lee and is very excited to really start math and reading. He loves school.

8/20/10 Day +2697 Day +2395 off treatment

Today we got an unwelcome suprise. Taylor has been complaining of pain on his tumor scar. We have dealt with this in the past and it is usually gas, but this time it would not go away. We finally ended up at clinic getting emergency xrays and blood draws. He is so constipated he is miserable!!!!! He has been started on daily meds to help with it and has to do enemas until he is “clean”. I was so relieved. My brain knows that cancer doesn’t just show up like that, but your momma brain doens’t always feel that way!

August was a good month. We had a few ups and downs. We had several travel ball games. The boys are doing very well and we are enjoying the time spent with the friends on the team. We are getting back into the swing of school, ball, homework etc. It is tough, but we are making it!

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