June 2010

I updated this long ago and it went into cyber space. That is too bad too because it was full of our all star baseball adventures. Logan had a great second year as a rookie allstar season. Jim had a great time being the head coach. We went undefeated in the sub district that was held at our home field. The boys played great!!! We moved on to Taylorville, Al for the 5-6 year old Allstar district tournament where we came in 3rd place. That was not bad at all for a team of boys with only 1 returning allstar players. They did great! We had a team full of hitters!!! We had a great time with a great group of kids and parents.

Logan had his first trip to sibling camp at Camp SAM. He had been waiting on this date  for years! He was thrilled for the day to arrive. We took him to the hospital to catch the bus. He saw some of his favorite people! He borded the bus and headed off for the weekend at camp!

Taylor and I spent the day together. We went to see Marmaduke and had lunch together. We had a very good day together. Taylor enjoyed his weekend of being an only child. He got his room rearanged and put things like he liked them. He had all the attention, the tv to himself, the decision for dinner etc. He was in heaven!

On Sunday afternoon we rode down to camp to pick Logan up. He was happy to see us, but could have stayed longer! He got a girlfriend while he was there:) He has not stopped talking about camp or Kateland:)

Monday morning we were back to Children’s this time to take Taylor to catch the bus to camp. As always, he was so excited to be going to camp. It is an amazing place, if there was a week long parent session, I would be there! He is paired up with some cool kids and they were already plotting to catch a from and put it in the girls cabin! Boys!!!

Logan and I had a mom/son day after Taylor left. He is a much simpler kid than Taylor. All he wanted was to go get ice cream and make lime jello. Suited me! So we did just that! He was hilarious sitting by the fridge waiting on the jello to thicken. Can you tell we normally by it premade, Ha!

Logan enjoyed his week as an only child too, but his week was full of PDO and ball practice. He missed Taylor too. We picked a very dirty, happy Taylor the following Saturday. He had had a blast and talked all the way home about his adventures. Yes, he and Jack did put a frog in the girl cabin! Too funny!

I sure wish I had some more details to give you, but the most important thing is that Taylor is a happy and healthy 9 year old boy living life to the fullest!!!

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