January 5, 2007 Day +1374 Day 1072 off therapy

TGIF! I never thought I would be glad for a Friday that was the end to a vacation, but I am. I love my boys so very much, but I am ready to send them back to school. I have run into several kids from my class in the last few days and I see the same look in their parents eyes!

Today we ran a few errands and then went back home. We didn’t do much of anything. Logan took a pretty good nap today and he didn’t even go to bed because he was in trouble. We packed their begs to go to Gam maw’s house tonight. Guh came over for a while and played with them. Gam maw and Ghen Ghen came over and we all went to Temps candle party in her new house. Congrats you guys, it is beautiful! Paw Paw and daddy stayed here with the boys and worked on Taylor’s 4 wheeler. He had no brakes and we thought we had big trouble, but it is just out of brake fluid, that is just how that little teeny thing runs, we will have to monitor it and keep it full. All is fine now and he is ready to ride! Once all us girls got home the boys went with Gam maw and Paw Paw and Jim and I went out on the town. It was after midnight when we got home and that has not happened in a long time!

We have a new friend I would like you to pray for www.caringbridge.org/visit/lillieboyte I have some more new friends, but don’t have the sites in front of me, so be on the lookout for some new friends. Please continue to pray for Taylor and his complete healing against this beast. Pray for all of the families out there that are battling some illness or injury.

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