January 4, 2007 Day +1373 Day 1071 off therapy

Hello all. This morning Taylor went back to the dentist to have his filling done. He did great as usual. No tears at any point. He didn’t even know that he got a shot. I have to give credit to Dr. Moulton for that, he is great at giving that shot, you truly never know you got it. It didn’t take long at all. He was cracking me up with that numb lip. We went to eat afterwards and he was dribbling coke all over the place. He ate all his food it just took a long time since he had to chew on only one side. Logan on the other hand was not so good at the dentist. He was kicking a ball over over the place and no matter what trick or threat I used to make him stop he didn’t stop. I finally took the ball away and put it behind the counter and then he pitched an awful fit. I know they were glad to see us leave. We went by Walmart to look for some party goodies for Taylor’s goodie bags, but they didn’t have a lot to choose from. We will have to go to the party store I guess. I had some wrapping paper that was 75% off, but Logan wouldn’t leave it alone. He had half opened a roll and bent another one. I moved them to the bottom of the buggy and he started to scream to give it back, so I put all of it back. He lost it. He was so mad he was shaking. He screamed for the entire time we were in Walmart. He didn’t just cry, he was staning up in the buggy screaming and shaking and jumping. He was furious. Needless to say he fell asleep in the car. I put him in his bed when we got home, but he never went back to sleep. He has been in trouble all afternoon. He just will not listen no matter what it is about. He is so hard headed. I don’t know what else to do. We took a bunch of stuff away when they reused to clean up. It hurt both their feeling really bad. Taylor has kept his stuff pretty much picked up since then, but not Logan. I reminded him that it would be thrown away if he didn’t clean up and he said, “just throw it away, I don’t want to clean up.” What are we going to do?

Once we got back home today we just sat around. I finally did the laundry, but that was about it. Taylor played very nicely in the living room and watched cartoons while Logan spent time in his room for being ugly. He is soon going ot be bigger than Taylor. Taylor is 41 inches tall and 37 pounds and Logan is 37 inches tall and 33 pounds. He is mean as a snake, so it is going to get real ugly real soon. Taylor plays with Logan a good bit. They love to camp and hunt and play cars together, but there are times when Taylor wants to be by himself and play. Logan does not take kindly to that and he will start beating up on Taylor. Sometimes Taylor hits back and other times he just takes it. I guess this is just another part of it all. I, being the only child, don’t get it! I don’t want them to grow up too fast, but I am ready for Logan to be past this age.

Taylor had a funny. He said, “it sure was nice of him (Dr. Moulton, the dentist) to come in and help her (jeanette, the assistant). Too funny!

I guess that is about it for us today. Please be in prayer for Carter Finger as he is in pain and had scans today. www.carterfinger.com Pray for all the families who are still fighting this battle. Pray that 2007 is the year for the cure.

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