February 2, 2009 Day +2133 Day +1831 off therapy

Today was a typical Monday. No one wanted to get up and get moving, but we pushed on did it. Aren’t you proud? Well, do you all want more winter? That darn ground hog saw his shadow!

Logan and I went straight to car pool after our school was over. It was so boring. It has been so long since we have gone straight there and it about killed us both. Taylor was pretty excited that we were so close to the front.

Taylor is a bit emotional these days. He gets embarrassed and doesn’t know quite how to handle it and gets so upset. He fell out of his chair at dinner and started yelling at me that I was mean and shouldn’t tell him to sit down. I did not tell him to sit down, but apparently I needed to!

As you can tell there is nothing to tell today. Pleae continue to pray for Taylor’s continued success. Pray for Daryl and the entire family.

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