January 31, 2009 Day +2131 Day +1829 off therapy

This morning we went to the circus. I personally enjoyed it, the boys were glued to their seats, but Jim didn’t like it. We had one cheap trip too! Thank you to camp SAM for providing us with the tickets to the show. Thank you to the Dollar Tree for the cotton candy and to the microwave for the popcorn. The boys did not ask for a thing, they ate their snacks and had a great time. They really liked the magic and the women who were shot from the cannon.

After the circus we went to Jim N Nicks for some lunch. Our good friend Assem was there and we enjoyed some yummy food and a inside look at the business. The boys wanted balloons and there were only 3 left, so Assem gave them all 3. Well, we can not have 3 balloons and 2 boys, that just wont work. So, we let the pretty yellow balloon go to heaven to Lorie. The boys stood there and watched it go until they could not see it anymore. Logan had a lot of questions about why she was in heaven, how it looks, how she got there etc. Taylor didn’t ask questions, but I think he “gets it” more so than Logan. Both boys were happy to let that balloon go! We hope it made Lorie smile, she certainly made us smile!

Once we got home it was a little dramatic. Poor Logan lost the remote to the Play station. We looked all over the house upstairs, downstairs, in their rooms, in the kitchen, in the fridge and on and on and on. He was crying and very upset about it. Finally, we flipped the couch over and tore the covering off the bottom and there it was. We would have never found that. We had felt all through the cushions, but I guess it was just too far down. So, we finally found that after hours of looking. Then the boys got to arguing over rather or not Taylor was on the hockey table. When Logan was re tracing his steps to find the remote he mentioned that Taylor was standing on the  air hockey table playing the guitar. Taylor swore he was not. We told him several times that he was not in trouble if he told the truth and he stuck to his story. We knew one of them was lying, so we pushed on. Eventually, Taylor caved and began to cry. We talked about how he was in more trouble for lying than for standing on the table. Boys will be boys I guess!

Please continue to pray for Taylor. Pray for all of our cancer friend and those battling injuries. Pray for Daryl, Mrs. Hobby and the boys.

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