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January 2, 2007 Day +1371 Day 1069 off therapy

Oh happy day! I will tell you from the get go that all of Taylor’s pemanent teeth are there and healthy!!! Praise God!

Now for the rest of the day. Of course, since it was a day we had to get up and get out of the house I had to wake up both boys. Turds! Last night Logan was playing with a little beeper from the Dr. kit he got for Christmas. He was putting it in his pocket until I put his pajamas on and he no longer had a pocket. He put it between his pants and his belly. Later on it was gone so I assumed he had thrown it down. I tucked him in and went on about my business. Well, this morning when I took his pajama pants off he looked to be soaked he pull up was so puffy. That would be due to the beeper that was in there!! Yes, he had wet and he seldome does, but since there was a toy in there he did:) I tried to just toss it, but oh no, that was not going to happen. I had to go wash the thing and lucky for me, it still makes that pesky ringing noise! It was so not funny as I tried to hurry and get all three of us ready, but soon I was laughing hysterically at the situation. Here it is 8:45 and we need to leave by 9:30 and I have to finish dressing myslef and Logan as well as wake grumpy up and dress him, feed them, brush teeth and throw in a breathing treatment and I am washing a toy beper that has been peed on. What a morning!

We were actually early believe it or not. It started out great. Patsy came out and talked to Logan and then slowly walked him into the exam room. He hopped up into the chair and was doing great until she put the polisher in his mouth. She called me in and I held his hands while she cleaned about 4 teeth. He then decided that was it and he clamped that mouth shut and that was all she wrote. No tears, no screaming, just a clamped mouth and a very determined look in his eyes. She did not want to force him, so we just let him up. He did not get to pick a toy from the treasuer chest. Of course, we all know that he could have cared less! She did get to look into his mouth. He has a cross bite where his left side the front teeth going front of his top teeth and on the left side they go behind the top teeth. It will be watched, but not addressed until permanent teeth come in, it will probably correct itself with age.

After Logan’s turn in the chair we left for a while. We went to the bank and to eat. We also ran to the Camp SAM office and gave the ladies there a belated Christmas gift. We still had about 2 hours to kill before we had to be back at the dentist, so we did some shopping. We got a baby shower gift bought and then we went to the book store where we bought a chapter book. Mrs. Thornton has been reading them to the class and Taylor wanted to get one to read at bed time. He picked from the clearance rack and got The best Christmas Pageant Ever. He didn’t seem to into it as we read the first chapter, but he will get into it, it is a cute story.

Soon it was time for Taylor’s appointment. He went right on back with no troubles. He was a little scared about how the panorex would work, but we had talked about it and he seemed okay. I knew she would call me if he was scared, so I didn’t worry. She called me again in about 10 minutes and I thought it was to help keep him still or something. Nope, she was done and ready to go over her findings of the x-ray and the cleaning. Wow! His X-ray was great. All the teeth are there, but they are not ready to come in. He has 2 loose teeth on the bottom that will be out within the week she predicts. He has ceased all wiggling after hearing that! Those permanent teeth are right there at the gum line and are ready to come in. However, that is it. It may still be another 2 years before the front two come in and maybe 5 before the back molars (6 year molars) come in. He only has 2 teeth that are not capped and they are molars that have both been filled in the past. One of them needs to be filled again due to normal wear and tear of the teeth. He will not be getting new ones anytime soon, so we need to take care of that sooner than later. We will go back on Thursday to have that filling. I hated to go back so soon, but I wanted to do it while he was still out of school. They say he brushes well and all looked good! I am so relieved to know that his teeth are okay. It may take a few more years, but he will soon have no signs of cancer left. Well, that can be seen just by looking at him. His two scars are under his shirt, so that wont be a problem at school. They get lighter and lighter all the time, so I think that by the time he is old enough to worry about scars ( I guess boys don’t worry about them like girls) they will have faded and shrunk a good bit.

Well, that is it for our fun for the day. Tomorrow is a stay home all day and do nothing day. We all know I wont need to wake the boys up at 8:45 tomorrow, the will be up at 7:00. (insert sarcasm here) Please pray for Evan who went back to Memphis and started chemo today.

January 1, 2007 Day +1370 Day 1068 off therapy

Happy New Year!

I still can’t believe that it January 2007. It seems like yesterday that we were all scurrying around town to get water and batteries for Y2K. It seems like yesterday that Taylor was born, diagnosed, Logan was born and on and on. I guess it is true, time flies when you are having fun! I can’t say that all of it has been fun for obvious reasons, but many blessings have come out of it all. Like you all, I wouldn’t know most of you without this sight. Now I assure you I wish we had all met over a website for a better topic, but I am still blessed to have you all in my life, our lives!

Today was another good one. Logan was up fairly early, but I stayed in bed unitl 9:20. I was not asleep, but just laying there all snuggled up. We watched football and hung out at home until it was time to go to Nana’s house for our New Years lunch. I guess I wont be getting rich this year since I skipped the turnip greens. Yuck! Jim ate some, so maybe we will get rich off his helping. I did eat black eyed peas and they bring good luck! I just want a cure for cancer.

You all need to check out Christi’s page. As you may or may not know after her passing they took blood and attempted a cell line from her caner to use for research. There was only a 3% chance of it working, but it did in true Christi style. It has been aptly named, FU NB 2006. There was an article about her and her cell line in their local paper and her mom put it on their page. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they find the cure using her cell line!

We had fun at Nana’s. We had a yummy lunch minus the turnips. Logan was tired and grumpy and fell to pieces on several occasions. He finally fell asleep in Guh’s lap. Taylor was mad too and was grumpy, but quickly got over his troubles and had fun playing legos and just being silly with the big boys. Time flew by and it was soon nearing 5:00 and we had to go. We headed for home where we swapped presents with Christian. Logan was still asleep, but once he was awake he was thrilled with his tractors and monster truck. Taylor was excited from the get go about his power ranger with 3 faces!

We are now gearing down for the evening. Both boys have a dental appointment tomorrow. I forgot to go get Taylor’s xrays from Children’s, so hopefully he will make due without them. I don’t see why he needs them from 3 years ago when he is going to do all new ones. Of course, I am not the dentist! This will be Logan’s first trip and I hope it goes well. We will have a break in between and then go back for Taylor’s appointment. I hope it goes smooth. This is his first trip to our family dentist rather than the clinic at Children’s. He has gone with me to my visits for years, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal for him. He is a little worried about him pulling his tooth, but I assured him they won’t. He better not! Please pray that his permanent teeth were not affected by chemo and he will not need work done. I know that is a small price to pay for his overall health, but it is not a small price to pay based on what he has already been through and missing school and shelling out the money to fix any problems. We will get through whatever it is!

I will update with the results tomorrow. As always, thank you all for all your prayers and support over the years. We couldn’t have made it without you. Here is to a great 2007 for all of us!!!! Please be in prayer for Evan as he heads back to St. Jude. Pray for Janie’s family as her angelversary comes up on the 4th. Pray for all the kids out there who are fighting this beast. Pray that those who have reached NED can stay there and a cure is found soon!

December 31, 2006 Day +1369 Day 1067 off therapy

Can you believe it is the end of another year? Where does the time go? It was over 4 years ago that we were given Taylor’s diagnosis and started this web page. I am sure many think we should let it go, but I can’t. It is therapy to me to write my feelings here and I would like to think that it is bringing hope, wisdom and courage to others going through this journey.

Today I woke up early, darn it, I just can’t sleep late anymore. I got up and kicked my butt in gear. I got the house cleaned up and laundry put away. The boys came home around 1:00 or so. They were so happy even though it was pouring rain, they had a blast on their little trip. Jim pulled all the boxes out of the attick and we took down the tree and all the Christmas stuff. He will have to get to the outside when the rain stops. My living room feels so naked now. I love Christmas and all the fun, but I am so glad all that stuff is put away.

Gam maw and I went to good ole Wal mart for chil fixins and the crew came over tonight for dinner and Balderdash. If you have never played that game, you need to. The boys played cars all night long just as they always do. We went outside to shoot a few fireworks too. Logan is still afraid and jumped in someones arms anytime a noisey one was shot. We only had a few big ones. They did about 6 boxes of sparklers and enjoyed it very much. They were a little sad that they were gone, but we found 3 on the ground, so a little more fun was had.

I put the boys to bed at 10:30. I guess I should have let them stay up at that poit, but Logan did not nap today and we have plans tomorrow too and I don’t want them to be grumpy all day. Taylor is still awake in his bed playing with his PSP. If he is awake at midnight I will let him get up and watch the ball drop. He still recognizes Times Square when he sees it. That kid is like nothing I have ever seen, he forgets nothing! They have already had quite a display. We have an all glass door in the dining room and they sat there and watched the ones that were shot on the street behind us. The sat on the front porch and watched for a while too. They had actually gone to look at stars, but didn’t see any.

It was yet another perfectly ordinary day. I think all in all 2006 was a fantastic year for us. We had a little scare here at the end, but we came through it fine with your Prayers and God’s blessings. May 2007 bring us ALL God’s blessings and a cure!!! Happy New Year!!!

December 30, 2006 Day +1368 Day 1066 off therapy

Today the boys went to the hunting club with the 4 wheeler, gator and tractor all in tow. Logan about worried himself and the others to death about rather or not the batteries were in the back. Jim had to go pick up Paw paw and help get the trailer all hooked up and it took longer than the boys thought neccesary and they were getting a little upset. Taylor had pulled up a chair to the window and was watching for them.

I had big plans for cleaning the house and taking down the Christmas stuff while they were away, but I quickly talked myself out of that. I went shopping with Guh and then just hung out at her house and watched the Game show network. I am such a geek! I met up with Gam maw later on in the day and we drove to meet the guys at Buck’s, a hole in the wall steak house that is delicious! While we ate we heard all about the days adventures. Taylor drove his 4 wheeler straight through a mud puddle and stalled it out and got stuck. He was scared! Right now he prefers to ride around the camp area rather than down trails and in the woods. I think I am okay with that! He had a blast though and so did Logan. Logan has been to the hunting club once and it was only to pick something up, they didn’t stay long. This was so exciting for him, he absolutely loved it. I have been waiting so long for them both to be able to go!!! I was worried about Logan thinking he was just too little to go, but he is the same age as Taylor. We have some of the sweetest pictures of Taylor curled up in a shooting house asleep or sittlng in the woods on a log all decked out in camo. Logan is not like Taylor, I don’t think he will ever sleep in a shooting house, but rather yell and kill the hunting for everyone. Paw Paw had both boys with him and they got to fighting, so he gave up hunting and went to let them ride. Logan is like his mama and will not use the bathroom in public places nor bushes, so he “froze up” a few times. He did not have any accidents though, so that is good.

After our yummy dinner Gam maw and I headed for home and the boys headed back to camp to sleep. Logan was thrilled to be “camping”. He never stayed at the “HC” before, but Taylor showed him the ropes. They were so cute leaving home in all camo and sleeping bags in tow. Once I got home I looked at the mess and all the hopes I had for the day and then walked on by. I climbed in my bed and watched TV and read my book until I fell asleep slap in the middle of the bed.

I had a perfectly lovely day and I know my boys had a fabulous day. I am so thankful and blessed! Please pray that Taylor has nothing but fabulous days from now on. Pray for Evan who is still limping. He will head back to Memphis on Monday and hopefully get some asnwers about why he is limping. Pray for our new friend Jacob who has low counts and that could possibly mean relapse. Pray for all of our friends who are battling this beat called cancer. Pray for those who were missing a loved one this holiday season.

December 29,2006 Day +1367 Day 1065 off therapy

1I see this is update number 2. It has been a crazy day. Logan woke up with a tummy ache and has had the “poo poo water” as Taylor calls it, all day long. I left a pull up on him for most of the day and it is a good thing. He was trying his best to get to the potty, but didin’t make it. That is the only accident he has had other than his little fit of deffiance last week. He has gone several times today just like Taylor, it is rather sporadic. Taylor has a runny nose and the ever present cough, but other than that he is great. Last night I kept dreaming abiut skidding off the road and then realizing that we were okay. Today Taylor wanted Burger King and then it hit me. One year ago today was our little accident on the interstate. Luckliy for us today went much better. They did give me a hard time though and that caused them to lose their outside time. I went to get a hair cut and they did dine until I got in the chair. Logan was pushing a chair around and around until he got drunk and slammed into the wall. Taylor was jumping up and down on the handle to make it go up and down. I was so mad, but what could I do? They were furious when we got home and they didn’t get to go outside, but oh well. We did watch The Shaggy Dog two times. Taylor loves it!

Tomorrow the boys are heading to the hunting club. I am not sure that there will be much hunting goiing on, but the kids ae thrilled to be taking thier riding toys with them. Hopefullly the rain will hold off and let them have some fun. I will update again as soon as they get back full of stories. Please check in on out friend Evan. He is having some limping issues. Lets all pray that it is from high counts and nothing more.