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January 21, 2007 Day + 1390 Day +1088 off therapy

Wedding day!

It was a crazy day. We woke up in a rush and stayed that way all day. We had to bathe the kids and get them ready to go. We had to pack up all our good clothes and head out towards Haleyville which is about 2 hours away. It rained and poured all day long. The boys were good on the drive, but it was nearing lunch time and they were ready to eat. As soon as we got to Uncle Dugan’s house they raded the cabinets. Sorry Anna, for the fruit loops that they left behind! They were in heaven. They had never been to Dugan’s house and they loved it. Taylor played x box with the big boys and thought he was cool as a cucumber. We learned just this morning that Taylor would be the ring bearer and would have to get a tux. He got one at about 2:30 for the 3:00 wedding! He looked so darn cute! We all ripped out our cameras. Well, I ripped out Paw Paw’s game camera that just happened to be at my house seeing as mine was wet:) We all took off in our Sunday best and tennis shoes, it was so muddy. They wedding was beautiful. Taylor wouldn’t walk in by himself, so he came in with Gam maw when she lit the unity candle. How cute. Paw Paw was the best man, so he had someone to stand with. He did great period, but he really did good with no practice or talking about it. He dropped the rings off the pillow, so Paw Paw just held them. I think he was upset about it until the preacher dropped them too. Poor fellow can not smile if he isn’t really laughing about something, so every picture has a fake smile. That is okay though because he looked so handsome. He did not want to take it off. He wore it all through the reception even though all the rest of us had on jeans. He tried to convince me that Dugan said he could have it, but it didn’t work. He finally gave in and left it behind. Jim was thrilled to get “pay back” on his truck. When we got married they put sardines on the manifold, shaving cream all over the window and gear shifter. We were in a jeep with no top, so when the windshield wipers came on we got covered in shaving cream. It is all fun until it is your car! He was a good sport about the confetti and silly string all over the cab of the truck. Logan and Taylor even got in on the action and it is all on film, so they are in for it one day too!

We left Haleyville arounf 6:30 and headed for home. The boys rode with Gam maw and Paw Paw, so it was quiet in our car. We met them at their house to get the boys and came on home. We all went straight to bed.

Please be in prayer for a happy marriage for Anna and Dugan. Be in prayer for Taylor’s continued good health and that of his friends.

January 20, 2007 Day + 1389 Day +1087 off therapy

Party day! We had a busy day. We started out by going shopping for dresses for Uncle Dugan’s wedding, tomorrow! It was kind of sprung on us, but that is okay, we are happy for them. After we all had something to wear, we went to the Olive Garden. Though it was Uncle Dugan’s wedding weekend he lost out too Taylor’s birthday weekend and Taylor got to choose where to eat. Both boys ate great. The Olive Garden employees sang Happy Birthday to Taylor too. He didn’t enjoy the singing there as much as last night, but I think he liked that chocolate cake better than the fried ice cream. He ate like a pig!

After lunch we rushed home and got ready for the party. I made a big boo boo. Only for Jim will I tell you all this. I accidentally dropped the camera into the cooler when I put the ice cream in. I didn’t even realize it. When we got to the party and I realized I didn’t have the camera I just thought it was still on the counter where I laid it to get the ice cream out of the freezer. I never thought twice about it. We had a great time at the party and Guh and Bob took pictures. When it was time to eat cake and ice cream we went into the party room and opened the cooler and there was the camera, soaking wet. OOPS! There was nothing to do about it then, so we just laughed about it and went on with the party. Taylor had a ball and got so many nice things. Thank you to all his buddies who came all the way to Pump it up and partied with him.

After the party we went to Hooters to eat. Not my choice mind you. When Taylor asked what it was Jim told him a place that had owls. Ha, my whole house is full of crazies! The kids ate pretty darn good there too. I guess they were hungry after all that jumping and sliding at pump it up. When we were done eating Taylor and Christian got to go sit with all the girls and the whole restaraunt sang Happy Birthday to them. Taylor got a picture with all the girls. How funny is that! You should have seen the looks on the mens faces when they all turned to see who was getting a Happy Birthdya wish.

It was now time to head home. We were all so tired, but we had to check out all the loot. Taylor got some awesome stuff. He is so excited. Thanks again to all that came!!

Birthday update!

Taylor had a great day today. He got to wear the Birthday hat at school and pick a prize from the birthday box. Mrs. Thornton is so cool! He was very excited that Daddy, Paw Paw and Uncle Bob came to eat lunch with him. They took pictures with Paw Paw’s camera phone, so we will get them on here soon. Be sure to scroll down a little ways and see the pictures added. Jim added one from Taylor’s Birthday fried ice cream and one of his MIBG scan from December. Yes, his shoulders are glowing, but that is okay. THe radiologist can tell the difference between normal and disease. This is why I do not look on scan day. The shoulders, knees, bladder, and port all glow. If I were to look, I would self diagnose him as “eaten alive” so I do not look.

On to better topics…. We all went to San Antonio Grill for dinner. We go there a lot and Jim got his picture made there on his Birthday and so did Logan. It was only fair that Taylor get to go too. He was so excited! He wanted to take the hat home. He only at the cool whip off the ice cream, but me and Gam maw ate the rest:) They sang Happy Birthday to him and put whip cream on his nose. It was cute.

The boys went to spend the night at Gam maw and Paw Paw’s house. Jim and I came home and made his cake. It turned out cute. He will like it. We have all the goodies bags made, all the food and drinks bought and ready to go. We are ready to party! It is now 11:13 and I better hit the bed so that I can party hardy tomorrow.

Please praise God today for Taylor’s health and his 6th birthday. Pray for his complete healing and that he never again faces cancer. Pray for Evan who is home home for the weekend, but still has low counts.